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Monthly Archives: January 2017

The committee for next year’s con has been announced:

President: Liam Orton
Secretary: Chris Courtis
Treasurer: Laura Hodge

OCMs (not-so-ordinary committee members):
Joel Bohnini
Alexander Daddi
Sarah Akers
Alicia Manolas
Theodore Pollard

Also, the logo (by Wez!) has been decided. (Please stay tuned for this and much more info on the GenghisCon 2018 website, which should be live within a month or two after the new committee has found its feet.)

The President and the rest of the committee are probably ensconced in an exhausted slumber by now, so it is left to me to pass on their thanks, well-wishes and other assorted greetings to the venue, volunteers, advisors and members of GenghisCon 2017. There was a wide range of cool events from role playing games, Top Gear videos, auction, to the Nerf gun shooting range, panel discussions, room parties and the impromptu nail salon, plus many more; a blast was had by all. (We hope.) Thanks for coming, or at least paying attention!

Sorry for the delay; see here:

Please note that the above supersedes the version that was uploaded to the site on 5 Jan.

The GenghisCon website is back after a lot of hard work.

Many thanks to Alastair for unpicking the issues and restoring the website to it’s former glory in time for the Con.