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GenghisCon 2017 is up and running!


What is a Genghis Con you ask?

In 2001, a bunch of people got together and decided that there needed to be a science fiction and fantasy convention for the students, the underpaid, and the small furry creatures from Alpha Centurai (and everyone else). And so GenghisCon was born.

For a tiny bit of cash, three days of jam-packed convention goodness are yours to participate in. You can choose to show up each day or get accommodation so that you can walk 15 metres from your bedroom and be awash in fandom goodness. We have panels, gaming, workshops… all finely crafted for maximum con-goer pleasure!

So basically, what we’re offering is a small but sweet convention with the minimum possible cost to our attendees. We always have a strong showing, so there’s definitely a need for this kind of convention in Perth, to run alongside the bigger conventions and catch those people who fall off due to… having no money 🙂

Other objectives? To have a great time!


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